The Road to Recovery: 10 Steps to Reopening Your Business

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As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to show signs of loosening its grip on the world economy, many business owners and support leaders are asking for basic, easy-to-understand steps to reopening their businesses.

The Road to Recovery: 10 Steps to Reopening Your Business provides the who’s, what’s, when’s, how’s and most importantly, the what not to-do’s. Scott A. Williams uses his 30 years of expertise in Employment Code Enforcement, Human Resources / Operational Best Practices, and CDC-Pandemic Mediation techniques to provide an easy-to-use road map to recovery. Mr. Williams notes “if shortcuts or employment codes are violated, significant financial penalties and hardship will be in your future. However, if executed correctly your business will open stronger and more viable than when it temporarily closed”.

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Table of Contents

Step 1: When should we reopen?

Step 2: How do I reopen?

Step 3: What is COVID-19 safety?

Step 4: What documentation do I need to stay in compliance

Step 5: What type of communcation is necessary?

Step 6: COVID-19 team member training & cross-training

Step 7: Best way to re-board team members

Step 8: What do I do for the reopening?

Step 9: How do I get employees to return if unemployment pays more?

Step 10: How do I keep moving forward?

Bottom Line

Excerpts from the book

From Step 1.

“Many owners have indicated they want to capitalize on the void left by those not yet open or will not reopen. If the financial resources are not yet there to reopen on a staggered basis, you should wait for a more stable, normalized economy.”

From Step 2.

“When reopening, a vast majority of businesses will not immediately need the full complement of staff they had when they closed. As such, we advise our clients to use the following staggered call back process.”

From Step 3.

“By demonstrating you are taking all precautions, you will gain the trust of your team members and guests quicker, leading to a faster return of business over those that do not.”

From Step 7.

“On-boarding or re-boarding is an essential part of the reengaging /reopening of your business. When your team left, they did not know if they were coming back, or in what capacity.”

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